India daily update (Sep 29, 2020)

Nifty fell short of clearing the 50DMA, closed at 11222.4, down 5bps for the day. It cleared the key level intra-day and then got rejected. We noticed some distribution across few leading stocks as well.

The banks gave back almost half of the gains from yesterday:

Sector wise, Metals, IT and Auto outperformed today:

Outlook: I expect Nifty to stay volatile around this 50D level. So I think it’s a good time to add some short positions opportunistically.

Plenty of stocks were weak even during the recent Nifty bull run (April 2020 – Sep 2020). These particular stocks also got the momentum from the rally of Friday and Monday giving us a good spot to add some shorts. In case the market rolls over, these stocks will likely provide a better downside exposure. I highlighted one such opportunity today (link here).

All the best!

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