Japan – opportunities in Cloud/SaaS companies (Sep 28, 2020)

SaaS and Cloud are majorly loved themes globally in these times.

So I have put together a list of such companies in Japan for investors in Asia.

Here we go.

Rakus Co (3923.T): Rakus Co., Ltd. provides cloud and IT engineer dispatch services in Japan.

Growing revenues, decent cash flow (although a decline in 2019-2020 YoY). Investors absolutely love it so far. Can be seen from the chart below. Seems like a low risk bet for investors/traders looking for long exposure.

Atled Corp (3969.T): ATLED CORP. develops software solutions in Japan. It offers Agile Works, an enterprise workflow; X-point Cloud, a cloud workflow system; X-point, a workflow system; and ATLED Work Platform, a multi-tenant cloud application platform with a workflow system. The company also provides support services.

Growing revenues, growing earnings, 15%+ ROE since 2015. Extended as of now, but looks good to add to the portfolio on some consolidation.

I did a similar post for China few weeks ago, that can be accessed here.

Charts sourced from investing.com and financials from morningstar.com

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