China – stock ideas (Sep 29, 2020)

Few stocks that are potentially setting up for a move higher:

Yangjie Technology (300373.SZ): consolidating on tight volume (SL @ 39.5)

Sanquan Food (002216.SZ): undercut 50DMA recently, consolidating on low volume, low risk entry with SL @ 31.86

Chongqing Brewery (600132.SS): This one already seems to be an investor favorite. Notice how it barely came out of short term trend couple of times and bounced back quickly.

Longi Green (601012.SS): Another investor favorite! SL @ 69.76

China Life Insurance (601628.SS): consolidating nicely, buy the break of 47.78, SL @ 44.53

China Tourism-A (601888.SS): interesting to see a Travel services name pop up on my list. Been consolidating for a couple of months, good to buy between 220-230 with SL @ 213

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Disclaimer: This is not investment advice, please do your research before committing capital. Stop loss levels mentioned are indicative for the risk I would be willing to commit on these trades with my trading style. Everyone’s different, commit what you can stomach losing.