About Me


I am a follower of great investors and traders like Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet, Joel Greenblatt, Jesse Livermore, William O’Neil and Mark Minervini – who have been able to compound their wealth over the years by simple investing. I call it simple, because Investing is meant to be simple. By saying it is simple, I mean to say that there are some basic things we need to check before deciding to commit capital to an idea. You invest in a company whose business you understand and whose management you trust.

Once you decide which company to invest in, you need to time your entry as well. You don’t want to be holding a stock for years before other investors realize the value. Aim is to invest in companies which are favored by the market and have good fundamentals.

In my past, I have worked as a Research Analyst at JPMorgan, Trader at Deutsche Bank and a start-up Hedge Fund. Now I am developing this platform with an aim to educate and learn; and find value stocks in the process which can benefit all.

WHY this website?

I realized that there are some gaps for common public to be able to invest and compound their savings:

  • Fear of reading financial statements: What do the financial statements show, how to read them, how to screen out bad companies from the good ones, how to stay away from seemingly fraud financials statements etc. I aim to address that issue using this medium as an education and learning platform. I will post articles on what are the main factors to look at when selecting companies.
  • Lack of adequate data: In this day of internet and knowledge sharing, this does not seem like a concern. But if you have to choose the 10-20 best companies out of a big universe (e.g. about 4,000 actively traded stocks in US), you need adequate data to run the numbers. I will address that issue by sharing the companies that I feel have had a good track record.
  • Dedicated research: I will also share my research on the certain companies, after going through the financials and publicly available management discussion. This will create a repository for the investors like us who want to invest but do not get enough time to do the research themselves.
  • Trading ideas: I would be sharing market color and specific stock ideas for companies which are also current market favorites. I have realized that value opportunities take a long time to play out, so balancing a part of portfolio with short term ideas can be useful.

Do I need anything from you? I DO:

  • A commitment that you would take a step towards creating your income into your wealth
  • A commitment that you would participate in the journey by being a dedicated investor and by providing me feedback so that I can address the concerns for new investors who join this platform.